John has a way with words––an elegant confidence stemming from a sophisticated understanding of language. His writing voice is distinct, engaging and communicates presence. The choices he makes for vocabulary are sound, his grammar and punctuation are always on point.

In other words, he knows how to write.

Despite his abilities, it seemed like a risky project to take on. Sure, the man could write well but that didn’t mean he could coach others.

It’s one thing to know, another to teach.

This was important to me, so I took the “risk.” And it’s one of the best investments I’ve ever made.

Watching John live edit your work is magical, seeing his thought process and understanding what your fundamental strengths and weaknesses are. It can be challenging because you have to be willing to put your all into writing a piece, and then be critiqued and challenged on your writing technique and stylistic choices.

He often picks up on the exact sentences which I hope he might skim over, the clunky ones I couldn’t get quite right. But he has his prepared notes, he’s done his due diligence. It’s definitely not a process for those averse to hard work and constructive criticism.

At this point you might be thinking this sounds intense – and it is. But it’s still injected with plenty of fresh energy and enthusiasm to keep you engaged.

It’s incredible. You won’t just get better, fast. You’ll get better than you thought possible, is less time than you think.

Everyone should do this.

About The Author
John Romaniello is an author, consultant, and coach who helps people and brands find their voice through writing. He's published hundreds of articles, dozens of courses, and one New York Times bestselling book. Might wanna check out his Instagram, he's pretty easy on the eyes.