The Wellspring Society

If you want to work with me, if you want help taking your business to where it should be, if you’re interested in getting published and writing books, and running high priced coaching programs and having a business that makes you a killing doing something you love…then you may want to take a moment and read this page.

The Wellspring Society is here: a writing and storytelling focused mastermind designed to expand your network, build your businesses at an accelerated rate, and–of course–make more money.

In late 2015, I realized it was time to shift my focus a bit. Rather than exclusively coaching and working in fitness, I came to understand that the best way to leverage my time and help as many people as possible was to zoom out one level.

Helping people become fitter and healthier was great, but I was limited in how many people I could serve. Even with an incredibly popular content site and a bestselling book, I was only one person with one perspective.

But…there were a lot of amazing people out there. Amazing coaches who had the potential to do great things, big things.

And I realized that if I focused on helping them help more people, my impact and service would be exponentially greater.

And so began the Wellspring Society: my opportunity to take a group of dedicated entrepreneurs, those in whom I saw real potential…

…and helping them become as successful as possible in less time than they’d ever dreamed possible.

Since then, I’ve helped a select core of individuals straight up crush it on their way to leveling up.

Working directly with other entrepreneurs and helping them build their platforms, change their lives, and increase their income—that has been one of the most fulfilling decisions I’ve made in my career.

But, I’m getting ahead of myself. Let’s just be clear that I’m going to do what I can to make this a no-brainer for you, to really make sure that you get insane value from it. But before any of that, let’s cover the basics.

An Overview of The Society

In the simplest terms, the Wellspring Society is a business coaching group, also called a  mastermind. A term originating in Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich, a mastermind is a coaching group of like-minded, growth-focused, action-oriented people growing their businesses and brand under the guidance of a coach.

The Wellspring Society, more than most, functions on the maxim, “a rising tide lifts all ships.” The group setting fosters the spread of ideas, gives everyone a greater number of sounding boards, and forms a brain trust to accelerate everyone in the group advance both individually and collectively.

Over the course of a year, I take Society members through a complete overhaul of their existing business, shoring up weaknesses, amplifying what’s already working, and identifying things that can be eliminated entirely.

Goals are set for each quarter, creating a healthy timeline against which to measure increasing revenue, readerships, and sales.

Everyone comes in with their specific set of goals, but in the main, the mission of the Wellspring Society can be boiled down to one thing: teach you how to develop your personal voice to stand out in the online space, and leverage it to create a 7-figure-plus business generating in active and passive income from at least three revenue streams.

Society Setup

First marketing lesson: always focus on benefits, not features. 

A feature of the Society is that we meet as a group four times per year in various cities across the country.

The benefit is two days of hands-on learning and hyper-focused feedback, bundled up into a fun weekend filled with networking and breakthroughs.

A feature is getting to watch a high-level entrepreneur speak to an intimate group of Society members and share top-notch information.

The benefit is getting face-to-face time and hands-on critique from people who’ve built businesses that dwarf mine, written books that stay on the bestseller list for years on end, and consistently make adjustments to their approach to stay on the cutting edge of businesses and influence.

Members of the Wellspring Society become elite at:

  • Creating well-written, impactful content to spread your message and build your reputation

  • Understand the key pieces making content both sharable and publishable

  • Creating products to fill a real hole in the marketplace

  • Conversational Copywriting—personality driven copy that converts without being too salesy

  • Storytelling Mastery to help prospects bond with you and your mission
  • Build Affiliate Income to get paid for your recommendations and the trust you build

  • Establish an authority-imbued coaching program generating $30-60K/month

  • Curating a network of world-changing superstars

All of that cool biz stuff that you need to know to help build, thicken, and maintain all of the pieces of a thriving business.

Further Goals

Having a highly profitable business is like running complex machinery–there are a lot of moving parts. I’m not here to just help you build a bigger machine (or, worse, a machine with bigger parts), I’m here to help you create something that functions smoothly and easily, without as much attention as you might think.

A big part of this is built right into the coursework of the Society.

I can tell you first hand that building a big, profitable business that demands ALL of your time is actually WORSE than having a small business that makes almost no money. You’ll very quickly learn that time is more valuable as a currency than cash. Trust me.

To help you avoid that, we focus on everything you need to live an awesome life: scheduling, outsourcing, delegation, hiring amazing employees, time-management, basically guiding yourself towards greatness.

Society Specifics

High Touch, Hands-on Coaching

As I said, we meet four times per year. The meetings are two days of pure content with talks given by myself and various high-level guest speakers.

Every meeting has one day dedicated to a traditional “hot seat” style coaching, during which you present on your current project, covering questions and issues you’re having. During your hot seat, you get feedback from me, other Society members, and our expert speakers on every aspect of what you’re doing.

This has led to breakthroughs ranging from book ideas to doubling conversions to pivoting an entire business.

Hot Seat-style feedback is the single most important and productive type of coaching you can imagine. Not only do you learn directly from people who are doing what you want to be doing, you get SPECIFIC instructions on things to change–tweaks to sales copy, ways to increase revenue, and things you can drop entirely to save time.

To that, one meeting is always dedicated to writing and getting published (articles, ebooks, traditional books); another meeting is devoted to all aspects of social media (learning and mastering new platforms; maximizing revenue via things like Facebook ads), and so on.

Each meeting has anywhere from 3-6 EXPERT speakers to come in and teach you about that specific topic. Because, as I like to say, you’ve gotta have a guy for that.

  • Want to learn about Facebook ads? We’ve got a guy for that.

  • Need to learn how to use Instagram to drive business to your coaching program? We’ve got a guy for that.

  • Trying to figure out how to get into Men’s Health? Got a guy for that, too.

The point is, no one builds a 7-figure business alone. We all stand on the shoulders of giants and learn from people who have been there before.

Lucky for us, I know A LOT of giants, and I bring them in so you can meet them, learn from them, network with them, and ultimately profit from all the great shit they’ve done.

Full-Time Support

Meeting up four times a year is awesome. We learn, we party, and it’s awesome. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. And the truth is, it needs to be.

Because as much as we kill it during those meetings, the fact is, you can only get so much accomplished in three days. And if we’re hanging out for a total of 12-15 days…what about the other 350 days of the year?

Good question.

In between  Society meetings you’ll have access to our private online group, in which all members share what’s working and what needs to be tweaked, ask for feedback, and help plan promotions and collaborations with one another. We give you instant access to 3+ years of Big Wins and full breakdowns of improvements, so you can easily swipe and model successes.

Speed of success is amplified because of the online group and the constant sharing of what’s working now to drive more traffic and boost sales and conversion.

It’s a Team Effort

This isn’t just “my” coaching group. The Wellspring Society, like all societies, needs more than a figurehead to thrive. A thriving Society requires people with different talents playing different roles, bringing different strengths to the table. That means you’re getting me, my team, and my network.

The fact is, I’ve built a huge business, but I haven’t been able to do it alone. I’ve hired amazing people who have taken projects I’ve assigned them and run with them in directions I would never have been able to dream up. Things are better with more brainpower—and my team has a lot of brainpower.

Whether you want to create and launch a new product (or series of products), start a clothing line, or start selling high-ticket coaching netting 10s of thousands a month, I’ve got someone on my team who has helped me do EXACTLY that.

My network of friends and speakers (which has included everyone Ramit Sethi, Ryan Holiday, Tucker Max, Noah Kagan, Derek Halpern, Craig Ballantyne, Amanda Bucci,) is extensive enough that we can pretty much fill any gap you need.

Socrates said that true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing. And while I don’t claim to be truly wise, I’m definitely smart enough to know that I don’t know everything–so I surround myself with people who know a lot more about things I don’t. Between my network and the Society team, we leverage every brilliant and successful person we know to help your business grow.

The Society and You

The Wellspring Society is a tight-knit group. This is high touch coaching and dedicated business-building. I work with all of the members directly, and we get deep.

Depth often precludes breadth. And for the Society, it’s infinitely preferable.  To maintain the quality of coaching and foster the relationship building so integral to success, we’ve got a hard limit on how many members we have at any time.

Put another way, the Society isn’t scalable. The quality of the work we do is simply to important to risk compromising it by spreading ourselves thin.

To that, membership in the Society is capped at 40 people.

Which works for us, because to be honest, the Society is not for everyone.

Limited spots require specific criteria for admission.

It’s not enough to determine if the Society is right for you. We need to know if you’re right for the Society.

Look. There are a lot of business coaches out there. There are a lot of masterminds and inner circles and covens and whatever else. Some are great. Some are total shit.

Just about any of the good ones can help your business, at least a bit. Most of them can teach you to improve your copy. Many of them can help you build a solid email sequence. Some of them can ramp up your social media following.

All of that’s great. Those things are all important, and all of them can be leveraged to increase revenue.

If that’s all you’re interested in, I absolutely encourage you to join one of those.

At the Society, helping you make more money isn’t our primary goal. Our goal is to help you create a bigger impact. Our goal is to help you build something that matters.

Our goal isn’t limited to helping you amass a fortune—it’s to help you establish and nurture a legacy.

Increasing your income isn’t the end game. Increasing your leverage is.

Making more money is an unavoidable side-effect of those things.

Your income will increase month after month and year after year. That’s just what happens when you serve more people, create incredible works, and the demand for your services increases.

But those things have to be your goal.

If you’re interested only in doubling your income, more power to you. But the Society isn’t the right fit.

BUT if the following apply to you…

  • you want to be known for the quality of your work
  • you believe impact is better than income
  • you understand that writing a story that lasts forever is superior to a video that goes viral for a week
  • you want to change lives and inspire others to do the same
  • you’re all about meeting amazing people because they’re cool, not because they can do something for you
  • you like dogs

…then you’re probably a good candidate for the Society.

But if you’re dreaming of the “laptop lifestyle,” and sitting on a beach while money pours into your bank account, this ain’t your jam.

Because what we don’t do is help people build businesses they detest so much they want to avoid working on them just to make money.

You’re going to make more money. You will double or triple your income. But that’s just the start.

You can’t take it with you, but you can leave something behind.

Money is nice. Legacy is better.

If that fills your heart, you’re ready for the Society. Apply below and let’s make it official.


The Wellspring Society

Apply below for the opportunity to join the Wellspring Society, the business coaching group led by John Romaniello.