Toronto Storytelling Workshop

Join New York Times Bestselling Author and Wizard of Wordcraft
John Romaniello for a Deep-Diving Masterclass into Storytelling

This Invite-Only Workshop Gives You All The Tools You Need
to Enthrall Your Audience, Connect with Your Customers, and
Have Your Prospects Primed to Purchase…Without Pitching


Long before there was marketing or advertising, long before there was copywriting or funnel hacking, there were stories.

Long before the were products to sell or places to sell them, we sold larger, grander things.

We sold ideas. We sold religions. We sold philosophies.

And we sold them all with the same six words: let me tell you a story.

From that time to this, technology and commerce have changed—but people haven’t. Not at our core. Not where it matters.

Stories are still how we learn. They make up the basis for how we view the society in which we live, and the world in which it exists. Stories form the foundation for both culture and cultural understanding.

And the same framework that governs stories is at work in the human psyche: it’s how we process change. It’s how we process emotion. It’s how we break down, synthesize, and incorporate our experiences, from the highs of our major success to the lowest lows of failure, trauma, and grief.

We are experiencing the story of our own lives every minute…

…and that story follows a pattern. A cycle. A model.

Whether we’re talking about Dorothy Gale, Luke Skywalker, or Harry Potter, all of these characters go through similar journeys: the Hero’s Journey.

All these stories exist in this format because this is how humans have passed down knowledge from generation to generation in our oral and written traditions. It’s how we’ve evolved to absorb information, our preferred method of input. That’s why stories like Harry Potter and Star Wars have the power and influence they do, because they inspire and teach through Story.

If we, as content creators can cultivate the power of storytelling, we can enthrall, entertain, teach our audience with grace. Your ability to tell stories will define how effectively you get your messages across.

And today, you’re being invited to learn the ins and outs of storytelling from a lifelong devotee of the craft.

This is a private page, which means if you’re looking at it, I sent you the link directly, and you’re probably familiar with me and my content.

You’re here because we chat on Insta, and so you’re privy to a few things others are not. Specifically, you’re getting a discounted invitation to one of a few storytelling workshops I’m leading early in 2020.

Held as part of content creation for my new book, Narrative, and my upcoming course Once Upon a Sale, this is a soup-to-nuts immersive workshop covering…well, everything relevant to storytelling.

Over the course of a day, you’ll learn everything you need to know to for a radical understanding of how to develop and tell powerful stories, including:

    • a sociohistorical overview of the role of stories in culture (focusing on the works of Joseph Campbell and Vladimir Propp)
    • insight into how we psychologically interact with, learn from, and are affected by stories (featuring aspects of the works of Carl Jung, specifically with regard to archetypes)
    • structure (focusing on my 5-step model for powerful stories)
    • pacing (how much time to spend in each stage, depending on a variety of factors)
    • customization and self-editing (which pieces to include or remove, depending on the audience)
    • a step-by-step breakdown of how to apply to your specific stories

Going deeper into the day, the impact of stories is divided into three primary units:

Core, Content, and Community:
Core focuses on the more structural aspects of writing, specifically using stories to teach something. Content is about content ideation and presentation, and the basics of creating a content narrative. All wrapped up in how to leverage these to build community/engagement. This unit is, in a real sense, personal branding through storytelling.
Craft & Conversion:
All service providers—be they coaches, contractors, or influencers—, need to strive to write stand-out impact. Rather than getting in the weeds with mechanics, this unit focuses on expression through Story. With regard to copy, we’re not teaching anyone to surpass Dan Kennedy in a day, but you’ll leave understanding how to bridge craft and copy,  using your voice and unique perspective to make your copy stand out.
Voice & Vulnerability:
Finally, we touch on how to really dive into the deep end. There are exercises to become more comfortable sharing the scary stuff. I cover strategies for structuring content to walk readers down the path of accepting more and more “off-topic” content, which also includes creating and employing a scale of escalating vulnerability, which helps erode the resistance over time. These are the stories that bind people to you for life.

All told, you’ll learn my comprehensive process covering how to create, customize, and tell a great story, both in written and oral format.

Throughout the day, you’ll develop an intimate understanding of the impact of an individual story, as well as where and how that story fits into your individual and brand narratives.

I could write more copy, but to demonstrate the power of stories, here are 6.5 teaser examples to demonstrate the power of stories. 

  • My first ever piece of sales copy, written in 2010, was for a fitness ebook called Final Phase Fat Loss and focused entirely on the story behind the program. The front end product was $67, and generated $465,000 in revenue…in 6 days. (Again, this was my first attempt.)
  • Just about six years later, I wrote a story about that first launch, and it brought in an additional half-million in mastermind sales.
  • In 2017, I wrote a Facebook post about a client canceling a coaching call and buying a pair of fancy red-bottom shoes. That story, which had a soft pitch at the end, brought in $42,000 in revenue over a weekend.
  • When I was running my fitness business, I wrote an article about a client’s transformation, told in the style of a fairy tale. Over the course of three years, this one piece of content brought in over $300,000 in revenue for my company.
  • Oh, and, for fun…I once wrote an email for olive oil that generated $33,000 in affiliate sales. I later wrote about how I did this, and generated another $30,000 in coaching.

I’m happy to send you links to all of these, but we’ll be going over all of them at the workshop.

The most important thing is this: with the exception of first example, none of them were traditional salescopy. In fact, most of them were pure content written just to entertain my audience…

…it wasn’t until after they were written that I decided, “you know, I should throw a soft pitch in” at the end.

And every one of them converted like crazy, to an audience that couldn’t wait to read more.

Not because of any tricks or hacks.

But because of one simple truth: stories the glue of the universe.

I’d love to help you discover how impactful it can be firsthand.

So, let’s get you on board.

Details of Note

Workshop Date + Location

  • Thursday, March 12, 2020 – 10am – 6pm
  • Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Exact location TBD

Availability for Attendance

For optimal magic, workshops are limited to 7 people. Seven dwarves, seven deadly sins, seven minutes in heaven, seven-pack abs. Seven’s the magic number.

Investment, Savings, and Bonus

You know what’s better than learning storytelling for the purposes of making sales without pitching?

Not getting pitched.

Here’s the non-pitch offer: because you’re coming in through my Insta-G, I’d like to have you at the workshop at an enticing discount.

This accomplishes two things. Firstly, it saves you money. Secondly, it justifies my Instagram use. Double win.

The standard pricing for my Storytelling Masterclass is $3000 USD. At the time of this writing, that exchanges to nearly $4000 Canadian.

While I’m certainly adamant about being adequately compensated for my time, I’m also quite aware of the way the changing winds of the global economy can create hardship.

As I’m very excited about coming to Canada to teach (and it’s been a while since I journeyed North of the Wall for any reason), I’m going to do something special for my Canadian friends.

For this workshop, I’m not only going to offer a hefty discount, I’m also going to offer it in the Canadian dollar. (That said, I need to insist on accepting digital currency, rather than bag full of Loonies and Toonies).

So, here it is: rather than $3000 USD, for this particular workshop in Toronto, the price is reduced to a nice round $2500 CAD. (If my math is correct, that brings it to around $1888 USD.)

In full transparency, I’m able to offer this primarily because I’ll already be in Toronto speaking at another event, which decreases my cost whilst increases my convenience.

At the intersection of those two points is you, saving lots of money.

(Having said that, this is a specific confluence of events, meaning the discount is something I wouldn’t be able to offer for future workshops. So, if you’re thinking about learning storytelling at all, this is the one to jump on.)

AND, because some marketing traditions must be respected, I’m giving you two additional bonuses when you sign up.

  • Super Effective Incentive Bonus 1: Lifetime access to Once Upon a Sale, delivered during its release. My new course, which covers a good part of the material we’ll go over in the workshop, yours for zero dollas.
  • Super Effective Incentive Bonus 2: Additional group coaching calls. Two group webinar-style zoom calls in the weeks following the workshop, covering advanced concepts in storytelling.

You’re getting the full experience: history, sociology, marketing, structure, and all the things people think don’t matter but factor into buying behaviors at a level far beyond salescopy…

…plus group coaching and a brand new course for over 30% off the standard rate.

That’s my offer.

We’ve got 7 spots at this workshop, and I’d absolutely love to have you there.

Edit: 2 spots remain for this workshop as of 2.18.20

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